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Rob Walling on Finding Your Purpose and How to Actually Enjoy Your Life

Rob Walling is a man of many talents. But, as with many entrepreneurs, it took quite a while to figure what really mattered to him. We talk about that particular struggle. How to find meaning and purpose in our life and work and what it looks like to actually enjoy the day to day of being human.

The Episode About No Episode

I'm still alive. Hope you are too. Here's a little update.

Matt Giovcanisci on Getting Comfortable with Who You Are, and Making Your Own Rules

If you think of yourself as a generalist, or as the kind of person who really enjoys doing a lot of different things, this episode is for you. I'm definitely that kind of person and sometimes it can feel like I'm trying to do a million different things, and doing none of them well. We got into that exact issue and wether or not it's even possible to do a lot of different things well. I think Matt is a clear example that it is possible. But it takes time and hard work.

Justin Jackson on Therapy for Entrepreneurs, Ego, and Coming Back from the Bottom

Adam and Justin talk about everything from parenting, to business building, to the things that hold us back as entrepreneurs, to why every entrepreneur should have a therapist, and literally everything you could imagine in-between.

The Gently Mad Trailer

The Gently Mad is a podcast about meaning, disguised as a podcast about entrepreneurship. It’s a bright-eyed and sweary look at what it takes to make a living on the internet (and still sleep at night).

The Many Voices of Justin Jackson

Paul Jarvis on Learning by Doing and Forging Your Own Path

Paul and Adam talk a about the difference between an idea and an actual business, what makes a business sustainable for the long haul, and the discipline it takes to do something well.

Brian Casel on Idea Fatigue, and Why a Productized Service is the Fastest Way to Make Money

Brian and I talk about "idea fatigue", what to do when when your idea is the same as some else's, as well as why Brian believes that a productized service is *still* the fastest way to start generating revenue.

Janelle Allen on Owning Your Why

Janelle Allen is the founder of and is an expert in Instructional Design and online learning. We talked a lot about entrepreneurship and why it's so important to not only know your why, but to own it.

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